Nightlife in Mykonos: Living the myth

Mykonos acquired its cosmopolitan sentiment early in the sixties when famous Greek businessmen, artists and politicians began to visit the island, and started to build their villas in the island. From then on Mykonos started to flourish, and gradually became synonymous with luxurious around the clock parties.

Apart from the island’s superb natural beauty, the breathtaking beaches and waters, and the luxurious services, the heart of Mykonos lies in its epic nightlife. The story goes as follows:

You are for sure in one of Mykonos well renowned beach bars, whether that is in Super Paradise Beach, or in Paranga Beach. After enjoing your swimming in the turquoise waters, your sunbathing in the golden beach along with your coffee or your smoothie, at around six o’clock you will find yourself in front of the bar ordering your first drink, while the music would get gradually louder and the crowd will start dancing. That would go on until eleven or midnight. After that most of the people leave that scene in order to get some rest in their comfortable and luxurious Mykonos villas that accommodate them in order to be ready later on for experiencing Mykonos by night. The parties in the various clubs start after midnight and do not stop until the sun goes up again.

Before addressing the best nightclubs in Mykonos, it is worth mentioning some general information that will probably come in handy while there. Namely, the notorious parties with live Dj events are taking place from June to mid September. In addition, the ultimate place for dancing is the club Astra in Mykonos Town, while CavoParadiso is the best place for you if you prefer dancing on the beach. If, on the other hand, you are more of an afternoon party type, then Super Paradise Beach Club is the most suitable scene for you.

Apart from aforementioned ideal destinations your other great choices include:

Babylon Bar, which is located in Mykonos Town or Chora, and attracts a plethora of gay and straight people from all around the globe and offers, among others, themed nights, great dance music, and a great view to the sea in case you need to catch your breath after dancing.

Another wonderful choice is the so-called Skandinavian Bar and Club. It is also located in Mykonos Town, and it mostly attracts much younger people, and it offers spectacular cocktails, and a great dance floor.

If you are in a more romantic mood Montparnasse The Piano Bar is the ultimate choice for you. It is located in Mykonos Town, more specifically in Little Venice, and it absolutely lives up to its name.

Another all time classic and still a high-end destination for over fifty years is the well-known Remezzo in Mykonos Town. For all these years it remains a standard destination for vips from all around the world who enjoy partying hard.

The other cool places in Mykonos Town, like the Queen of Mykonos, the famous Katerina’s Bar, the so-called Galleraki, and Cosi predominately constitute the right warm-up places before the frenzy parties in the mega clubs which are located out of the Mykonos Town.

Namely, the aforementioned out of town clubs, which offer around the clock parties, include the Kalua Beach Bar along with Scorpios located in Paranga Beach, the Paradise Beach Club and the Tropicana Beach Bar and Restaurant both located in Paradise Beach.

Having said all that, no matter what your choice would be, once in Mykonos, it is worth visiting if not all, then some of these great places. The reason is evident. It’s all about feeling the Mykonian rhythm and its vibrant vibe, which stems from the unique inclusive cosmopolitan atmosphere.